“PEACEFUL IS HIS SLUMBER” Age: 50 years, 5 months, 18 days

Back row: John T, William, Anna, Theodore
Front row: Augusta, Gustaf, Lydia, Caroline, Agnes (baby), Emma


DOB: February 25, 1887
Thornton, IL, USA

DOD: August 12, 1937
Chicago Heights, IL, USA


Son of Frank Christian Gustaf  and Caroline Christine Friedericke (nee Kemming) Hank

Brother to: Anna “Annie”(Gustav Zachau), William J. (Margaret Nichols), “Charles”(Mathilda Neuliep),  Augusta “Gustie”, Emma E (Christ P. Wind), Lydia (Frank Kloss)  and Agnes (Francis Joyce) Hank

Husband of Marie Schroeder, married Nov. 23, 1907.

Father to: Viola (Heinrich F. Seehausen), Bertha T. (Leslie B. Schroader).

Theodore Hank 1913 ford touring carTheodore “Ted” had a 1913 Ford touring car that he took extra special care of. It had a fold-down top, gas headlights plus smaller parking lights mounted below the windshield that were fueled with kerosene. The headlights were fueled with acetylene fuel (all were lit with matches).

The headlight rims, radiator shell and rods from windshield to fenders were bright brass, and Ted kept the brass brightly shined all the time. The 1913 Ford was different because it has only three doors – none at the driver’s seat; the driver’s door was omitted because of a long handle on the emergency brake that extended along the inside area of the car near the driver. There was no gas accelerator pedal but a lever on the right side of the steering wheel to feed the gas. On the left side of the steering wheel, there was a lever for spark adjustment while cranking to start the car. Foot pedals were for clutch, brake and reverse.

According to the census, Theodore was a glass blower for the Chicago Heights Bottling Co.

Thoedore’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:
Wife: Maria L Hank

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