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03-01-1912Mausoleum for BeecherBeecher Herald
03-22-1912Beecher's Proposed MausoleumBeecher Herald
06-07-1912Crown Point's MausoleumBeecher Herald
10-25-1912Beecher's New MausoleumBeecher Herald
06-13-1913Machinery and Equipment ArriveBeecher Herald
07-11-1913Mausoleum ProgressingBeecher Herald
07-25-1913More About MausoleumBeecher Herald
12-05-1913Mausoleum Nearly DoneBeecher Herald
01-01-1914The American Mausoleum Movement “Post Cineres Gloriam Venit” by: W.C. JenkinsNational Magazine
01-13-1914Hinsdale Contemplating the Building of MausoleumBeecher Herald
01-16-1914Marble Work About FinishedBeecher Herald
02-27-1914Now Ready for VisitorsBeecher Herald
03-21-1914Beecher Cemetery and Mausoleum Assoc. formedState of Illinois
03-27-1914Parties Pleased With BuildingBeecher Herald
04-03-1914Mausoleum Co. Elect OfficersBeecher Herald
05-12-1914NOTICE! We extend to the public an invitationChicago Star
06-05-1914Mausoleum DedicationBeecher Herald
06-19-1914Mausoleum DedicatedBeecher Herald
01-16-1916Beecher’s Beautiful MausoleumBeecher Herald
01-01-1917Community Mausoleums BrochureCecil E Bryan
02-19-1933Elect OfficersChicago Heights Star
09-30-1937Notice - Damaged Glass Beecher Herald
05-18-1988One Of Beecher’s Landmarks Sad Reminder Of Grand PastBeecher Herald
05-25-1988EVIDENCE OF THE VANDALISMBeecher Herald
03-30-1994Disrepair, Disrespect, DesecrationBeecher Herald
04-06-19941912 Vision for Mausoleum FailsBeecher Herald
11-03-1996Henry Thielman and the Beecher MausoleumBeecher Herald
12-08-1996Plans Afoot to Save MausoleumBeecher Herald
12-15-1996Area crypts in disrepair: family searchesBeecher Herald
01-29-1997Museum News – Saving the MausoleumBeecher Herald
05-14-1997Museum Report – Henry ThielmanBeecher Herald
01-01-1998Beecher Mausoleum Guardian Angel Assoc.State of Illinois
01-25-1998Woman leads crusade to rescue Beecher ‘landmark’Kankakee Daily Journal
03-11-1998Saving a Dying LandmarkChicago Tribune
05-13-1998Mausoleum work planned at Beecher; volunteers wantedKankakee Daily Journal
06-10-1998Mausoleum Association Seeks Work VolunteersBeecher Herald
06-14-1998Cleaning up the mausoleumThe Sunday Journal
06-17-1998Labor Of LoveBeecher Herald
06-21-1998Restoring for HistoryThe Star
06-24-1998Guardian Angels Hard At WorkBeecher Herald
12-02-1998Beecher Mausoleum Guardian Angel Assoc. State of Illinois
02-16-1999Will County Historic Preservation Commission approves Landmark StatusWill County Historic Preservation Commission
08-13-1999Will County Historic Preservation Commision request meeting to present plaqueWill County Historic Preservation Commission
08-25-1999Life to the Beecher MasuoleumBeecher Herald
09-15-1999Beecher Landmark HonoredBeecher Herald
05-10-2000Sandra Thielman Placed FlowersBeecher Herald
11-25-2004Lohmann Offers Help With Mausoleum CareBeecher Herald
12-31-2004Grave matter – Women works to preserve historic Beecher MausoleumThe Sunday Journal
01-09-2005Future of Will County Landmark in doubtThe Star
01-27-2005Musuem Report – MausoleumBeecher Herald
06-18-2008Restoring respectNorthwest Herald
07-26-2012Beecher Masuoleum Now OnlineBeecher Herald
11-08-2012Board Seeks Help Restoring 100-Year-Old Beecher MausoleumBeecher Herald
02-14-2013Beecher Mausoleum On Its Way To ‘National’ DesignationBeecher Herald
04-30-2013Sandra Lee Thielman’s Press Conference SpeechSandra Lee Thielman
04-30-2013Illinois Ten Most Endangered LandmarksLandmarks Illinois
05-16-2013Beecher Mausoleum To Host Open House, Celebrates ‘Historic Place’ DesignationBeecher Herald
06-06-2013Beecher Mausoleum’s First Memorial Day Open HouseBeecher Herald
06-15-2013The Historic Beecher Mausoleum – Welcomes Drivin’ the DixieBeecher Herald
11-07-2013Beecher Masuoleum Listed on National RegisterBeecher Herald
12-16-2013Beecher’s century-old mausoleum teetering on ruinChicago Tribune
07-17-2014Beecher Mausoleum Celebrating Its CentennialBeecher Herald
08-21-2014Beecher Mausoleum to be measured & Architectural drawings madeBeecher Herald
09-27-2014Architecture students to study Beecher Mausoleum for class projectNWI.Com The Times
10-05-2014U. of I. students working to preserve Beecher Mausoleum historyChicago Tribune
10-16-2014Beecher Mausoleum’s Fall Festival To Celebrate 100 YearsBeecher Herald
10-23-2014Beecher Mausoleum centennial to celebrate 100-year mark highlighted by important restoration workBeecher Herald
11-13-2014Beecher Mausoleum Fall Festival Celebrates Centennial YearBeecher Herald
11-30-2014A Heartfelt THANK YOU from the Beecher Mausoleum Guardian AngelsSouthtown Star
12-25-2014Beecher Mausoleum Gets New Roof Gratis From Unions, SuppliersBeecher Herald
03-19-2015Beecher Mausoleum Plans Include 'Re-Dedication' In German And English
06-08-2015Family Reunion, Re-dedication of the Beecher Mausoleum to be heldBeecher Herald
06-27-2015Family Reunion, Re-dedication Celebration

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