Notice – Damaged Glass

Beecher Herald   Sept 30, 1937


  09-30-1937 Notice Glass Damaged “The parties who damaged the glass in the Mausoleum are known, and if this act is repeated they will be punished to the full extent of the law.”


The article above ran in the Beecher Herald in 1937

This is all we have left of the stained glass in the mausoleum.


It has been mentioned that Cecil E. Bryan used Tiffany Glass in his mausoleums.


If anyone has photo’s of the mausoleum with it’s original stained glass windows we would dearly love to have copies. Our hopes are to one day  have at least one of the twelve windows duplicated and replaced.

Here are photo’s known to be in other mausoleums built by Cecil E. Bryan

Elm Lawn Mausoleum in Elmhurst, IL still has all their windows intact.

 Center Chapel Window. Isn’t she beautiful !

Elm Lawn Side windows are the same in size and number as in the Beecher Mausoleum, but the style does seem different.

 Notice the cremation niches on both sides of the front door. It’s hard to tell if the front door glass has been replaced. It was mentioned to me that years ago the Beecher mausoleum’s front door were in stained glass.


This is the Oak Grove Mausoleum in Hillsboro, Illinois, circa 1913



One thought on “Notice – Damaged Glass

  1. The stained glass in those other mausoleums is artwork. What a shame that Beecher’s stained glass windows were destoyed.

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