Nellie M. Freerking

Age: 83 years, 9 months, 15 days


DOB: July 26, 1907
Indiana, USA

DOD: May 11, 1991

Parentage & birth family uncertain


Help PleaseI cannot tell you much about Nellie. We do not have her obituary. Below is what we do know:

Nellie married Alexander A Maass around 1928 after the death of Alexander’s first wife, Louisa Priess Maass, who died in 1919.

After Alexander A Maass’ death in 1955, Nellie married August Freerking  on April 18, 1956. August Freerking’s first wife, Lydia Maass, died Nov. 29, 1944.

August Freerking was the brother of Henry J. Freerking, who is interred in the mausoleum.

It has been mentioned that Nellie and Lydia Maass Freerking, the first wife of August Freerking, were cousins, but we cannot confirm that connection at this time.

If you can help us identify Nellie’s family, please let us know.

Nellie’s known family members also resting in the mausoleum are:

Second Wife to: Alexander A. Maass
Alexander A Maass’s first wife is also in the mausoleum: Louise M (Priess) Maass
Brother-in-law: Henry Freerking
First husband’s (August Freerking) grandmother: Wilhelmina (Stradtman) Scheer Pralle


One thought on “NELLIE M. FREERKING

  1. Alex Maass was my great grandfather William Maass’s brother. Lydia Maass who was August Freerkings first wife was Alex’s niece by his sister Ida Maass who died shortly after giving birth and was engaged to be married. Their grandmother Emilie Hamann Maass raised Lydia. Nellie married Alex after his Wife Louisa passed away. After Alex passed away and when Lydia had passed away, Nellie then married August Freerking..Nellie died a widow after August had passed away. So Nellie and Lydia were only related by marriage. I am still searching for Nellie’s maiden name..My father just passed away at 100 and he knew his uncle Alex and Lydia and Nellie and told me stories about them including dad’s brothers Rod, James and Thomas were all sent to the Freerking farm to work summers as his parents could not afford to feed a family of 7 during the hardest times of the great depression. I am William the 7th in this country and as close as one will find keeping up the records on the Maass family in America. I have been to all of the grant park and Beecher cemeteries. First with my grandfather William B Maass as a child and many times since. Thank you very much for your work on our family and in restoration of the mausoleum.

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