Museum News – Saving the Mausoleum

January 29, 1997 Beecher Herald

Museum News – Saving the Mausoleum

by: Virginia Bath

Sandra Thielman, who is spear-heading a drive to restore the Beecher Mausoleum, is inviting all interested Beecher residents to attend a meeting at the community building, 673 Penfield, on Sunday, February 2nd, at 1 o’clock. She stresses that the session is not intended only for those people who have family members interred in the mausoleum crypts, but for everyone with an interest in the building. She is hoping to have the support of the community, and as she said. “Representatives from the churches, schools, scout groups, and senior citizens.” Sandra’s grandmother, who is ninety-three years old, her father, and other members of her family, will be present.

The purpose of the meeting is to let people know that Ms. Thielman has learned about the mausoleum. She would like to answer questions, so that those who may be considering monetary donations to her efforts will understand how the funds will be used and for what. Sandra’s father has pledged to donate the first $1,000 to the restoration fund. If the Thielman effort comes to nothing. Sandra says the donations will be returned. She says that no money will be spent until firm plans are in place.

The Thielman family is concerned about the condition of the mausoleum, because they have family members buried there, and they would like to know that when the time comes to lay other members to rest, they will have a pleasant, well cared for place to leave them.

Sandra is looking for volunteers to work on this project. She wants to locate all the descendants of families who have members interred at the mausoleum. Some, who have been identified already, have received packets outlining her plans. Others will have to be located.

In order to do this she asked permission to search the archives of the Beecher Herald at Washington Township Museum.

One search session already has been held. The second is scheduled for January 25th (This is being written on the 22nd.) Sandra, who lives at Wonder Lake, Illinois and expects to come to Beecher “maybe only twice a year” will be asking for volunteers who will work at the museum to make the searches.

In her letter to relatives Sandra states that in June 1997 the mausoleum is scheduled to be auctioned off for back taxes. If you would like to contact Ms. Thielman, you can reach her at 1-(815) 728-8318 or fax 1-(815) 788-9715.

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