More About Mausoleum

Crypts and Rough Work Will Be Completed in a Few Days

Vault Will Be Installed in Which to Deposit Historical Incidents

 July 25, 1913 Beecher Herald

07-25-1913 More About MausoleumWork on Beecher’s new mausoleum is rapidly progressing and it is expected that by tomorrow evening all the crypts will have been formed. The mausoleum will contain, when completed, 210 crypts, which includes two family compartments. The outside walls also are assuming proportion and will be completed in the rough in a few days. It is expected that all of the rough work will be completed by the 15th of August.

A historical vault will be installed in the building, in which newspapers, including copies of the Eastern Will Union, published here in 1879, and of the Beecher Herald will be filed away, also a history of Beecher and Washington Township and a part of the county history will be deposited. Old relics such as Indian arrows or anything historical will be deposited bearing inscriptions descriptive of the article. The vault will be sealed and will not be opened for a period of years. One in an Indiana mausoleum was sealed and is not to be opened for 1000 years, but the extension of time here will not be as long as that.

Persons who have any data of interest regarding the early days, or anyone having historical relics which they wish deposited, will kindly leave same at the Beecher Herald office.

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