Mausoleum Progressing


Full Force Working and Building is Beginning to Assume Proportions

Will Be a Fine Monument to the Dead When Completed

 July 11, 1913 Beecher Herald

07-11-1913 Mausoleum ProgressingThe Beecher Mausoleum is beginning to assume proportions and work is progressing rapidly, with a full force of seventeen men. Every day carloads of material are being received and is being worked up about as fast as it arrives.

This writer was up to seeing what progress is being made Tuesday, and it is a caution to witness the rapidity with which the men and machinery converted the sand, gravel and cement into concrete and spread it where it belongs. The material is wheeled and dumped into a mixer, and when it is thoroughly mixed is dumped into a receptacle which is elevated to the top of a high tower where it is re-dumped into a steel carrier that spreads it just where it belongs. It only takes a couple of minutes, when everything is going right, to dispose of a batch of concrete in this way. While we were watching the work the floor was being formed. It consists of several inches of concrete, which is reinforced with a large number of steel bars.

When completed, the Beecher Mausoleum will be one of the best ever constructed. The whole building will be of cement, reinforced with steel throughout, three carloads of steel being necessary to complete the work. The inside will be finished in marble and the outside will be of Bedford stone. The building will be so constructed that it will be non-destructible and will be everlasting. It will take two or three months more to finish the work we understand.

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