Mausoleum Nearly Done

Mausoleum Nearly Done

Bedford Stone Will Be All Placed and Trimmed This Week

Marble Setters Are Busy and Will Finish in About Six Weeks

December 5, 1913 Beecher Herald

Beecher’s community mausoleum is nearing completion. The interior work in the rough is all completed and the exterior work will be completed tomorrow. The work of placing the Bedford stone is about finished and aside from trimming to be done by the stone cutters, will also be finished tomorrow.

A carload of marble arrived, this week, and the marble setters are busy placing it. We are informed that it will take the marble setters about six weeks to complete their work. Then comes the decorators who will put the finishing touches in oil on the ceiling.

The art glass windows have arrived and many of them have been placed which gives the building a sort of finishing touch even now. The large bronze entrance doors, costing alone $500 have arrived, but, of course, will not be hung until the building is about finished.

When completed, Beecher will have one of the prettiest and most costly community mausoleums in existence for a town of its size. Every bit of the material used is of the very best and the finishing will be of the most elaborate. Visitors who saw the starting of the work a few months ago and go there now will be surprised to see such a substantial and beautiful building.

A feature of the building is its durability. There is not a piece of wood in the whole construction. The floor is reinforced cement, the walls of the best hardened tile and cement reinforced with steel and the crypts are all of reinforced cement. The Bedford stone is the heaviest ever used in any mausoleum of its size, and the whole building is constructed so as to be as near everlasting as can be conceived at this age.

On the whole, Beecher’s community mausoleum will be a credit to the pro-motors, Messrs. Struve and Thielman, will add much beauty of the Beecher cemetery, and will be a model for other neighboring towns to pattern after.

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