Mausoleum Co. Elect Officers

April 3, 1914 Beecher Herald

Mausoleum Co. Elect Officers

Beecher Cemetery and Mausoleum Co. Hold Important Meeting

Elect Board of Trustees- Four to Serve 3 Years, Three to Serve 5 Years

04-03-1914 Mausoleum Co.Elects OfficersOn Tuesday the Beecher Cemetery and Mausoleum Association held a meeting and elected the following officers: Trustees- H.B. Ruge, Charles Beseke, Chris B. Eskilson, Charles Hack, Frank Hunte, Arthur Struve, Louis Fick: four of above men to serve three years and three to serve six years. Mr. C.B. Eskilson was then elected president, Charles Hack, vice president and Frank Hunte, Sec.-Treas.

A better, more substantial or a more conservative lot of men could not have been found. The association can rest assured that their affairs are in good hands.

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