Age: 92 years, 3 months, 6 days

“Peggy” (nee Toleson, Greenfield) Bahlman

DOB: January 5, 1902
Pullman, Cook County, IL, USA

DOD: April 11, 1994
Crete, Will County, IL, USA

Daughter of Theodore “Teodor” and Florence Lillian (nee Tebodo) Toleson

Bahlman Coat of Arms

Bahlmann Family Coat of Arms


Wife to: Henry W. Bahlman, DDS
Married: October 31, 1930, Cook County, IL

Mother to: Audrey H. Greenfield Bahlman Amram (Jack Amram)

Marguerite Toleson married Arthur Greenfield on June 20, 1920 and had Audrey Greenfield in 1921. Marguerite and Arthur’s divorce was between 1921-1922.

On October 31, 1930 she married Henry W. Bahlman, and Henry Bahlman adopted and raised Audrey as his very own child.


APRIL 13, 1994



Marguerite “Peggy” Bahlman of Crete, died Monday, April 11, 1994 at St. James Manor. She was 92.

She was born Jan. 5, 1902, in Pullman, IL.

Mrs. Bahlman had worked as a secretary.

She is survived by her daughter, Audrey (Dr. Jack) Amram of Crete; five grandchildren, Robert Amram of New York, Dr. James Amram, Dr. Jack Amram and Dr. Peggy Amram, all of Crete, and Dr. Cynthia Knox of Fayetteville, Ark. and 10 great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Henry Bahlman, in 1964.

A memorial service for the family will be held later at Hack Funeral Home. Interment will be in the Beecher Mausoleum.

Memorials may be made to St. James Manor Nursing Home.

This is a photo of Marguerite’s mother Florence Lillian (Tebodo) Toleson Irwin along with Marguerite’s grandmother, Adeline Tebodo and her 11 children, Marguerite’s Aunts and Uncles.

Florence Lillian was married four times, to Theodore Toleson, Charles Duesling, Frank Jones and Fred Irwin.

Marguerite’s grandmother was: Adeline (Benjamin) Tebodo 1852-1933. Her aunts and uncles and mother in order of birth were: Georgiann (Victor Thuot & James E. Devore), Louis A. (Lena Berner), Agnes E. (John Kruzick) William J. (Delia Lambert) Adeline (Theodore Remillard), Florence L. (Theodore Toleson), Cecelia (Michael McManimen), Elizabeth M. (Charles McManimen), Edna M. (Manning M. Nevin), Genevieve H. (Dr. Joseph M. Hannell), and Victronie M (Ernest F Willets) Tebodo. As you can see, the husbands and wifes of the Tebodo children are not in the photo.



Marguerite’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:
Husband: Henry W. Bahlman
Father & Mother-in-law: Henry F. Bahlman & Emma Wehmhoefer Bahlman
Aunt-in-law: Lena M. Bahlman
Uncle & Aunt-in-law: John H. Bahlmann & Anna L. Wehrmann Bahlmann
Uncle-in-law: William F. Bahlmann
Uncle & Aunt-in-law: Charles H. Bahlman & Minnie Schweer Bahlman
Sister & Brother-in-law: Lillian  Bahlman Wegert & Henry H. Wegert
Sister & Brother-in-law: Lora B. Bahlman Hinze & Arthur A. Hinze
Sister-in-law: Carolyn M. Bahlman
Brother-in-law: Donald W. Bahlman
Sister & Brother-in-law: Ferne Bahlman Hildeman & William R. Hildeman
1st cousin of husband: Dorothy Bahlman Saller & Herbert C. Saller
1st cousin 1x removed of husband: Charlene M. Saller Graham & Arthur Graham
1st cousin 2x removed of husband: Nancy Graham Fenske

(Note: Some family members maintained the original spelling of Bahlmann while others omitted the last “n”)

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