Marble Work About Finished


Interior of Mausoleum Assuming Immaculate Splendor by Marble Setters

Next Will Come the Decorators, Who Will Put on the Finishing Touches

  January 16, 1914 Beecher Herald

01-16-1914 Marble Work About FinishedWithin a few days the marble setters at the mausoleum will have completed their work of beautifying the interior of their handsome structure, and following their work will come the decorators, who will apply the brush to the ceiling and put on the finishing touches.

The work of setting the marble is a long and tedious job, owing to the necessary exactness of the fittings and the extreme delicate work placing it. The white marble however, gives the interior an immaculate and rich appearance. After it has been placed, each piece must be wiped and polished by hand, which when completed has a perfect clear surface.

During the past weeks many visitors have viewed the mausoleum and all pronounce the building as beyond their expectations in handsomeness and durability. The purchasers of crypts have been making their selections during the past week and all express themselves pleased with the work done. Many more who have contracted for crypts are expected to make their selections within the next few days.

All the material for completing the work of the mausoleum is on hand, with exception of the art glass for the large bronze doors, which is expected daily.

That the mausoleum mode of burial is becoming mare popular every day is evidence by the fact that Engineer Bryan, who planned the Beecher mausoleum, now has 20 jobs ahead of him with many more prospects in view.


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