Age: 92 years, 4 months, 18 days

“Caroline Maria Bahlman”

DOB: December 5, 1864
Eagle Lake, Will County, IL, USA

DOD: April 23, 1957
Cissna Park, Iroquois County, IL, USA


Hans Heinrich Christoph (Henry) & Dorothea (Harste) Bahlman resized
Daughter of Hans Heinrich Christoph “Henry” Bahlmann and Dorothea (Harste) Bahlmann

Sister to: Mary (John Herman), Henry F. (Emma Wehmhoefer), John H. (Anna L. Wehrmann), William F. (Ora M. Robinson) and Charles H. (Sophia “Minnie” M. Schweer) Bahlmann


Example of a 1900 switchboard

Lena Bahlman was a switchboard operator in Cissna Park for many years. She kept a cot in the room with the switchboard so she could be there all night in case a call had to be connected. What dedication. Can you remember the old switchboards with all the plugs and wires? Must have been confusing at times. I wonder if she ever got her wires crossed?
Minnie, Henry F and Lena Bahlman copy
From Left to Right: Minnie Bahlman (Charles Bahlman’s widow) Henry F. Bahlman and Lena Bahlman
Circa : 1943



APRIL 25, 1957


Lena Bahlman

Bahlman, Lena Obit 04-23-1957

Miss Lena Bahlman, 92, died Tuesday evening in her home at Cissna Park.

Funeral Services will be held at the Lutheran Church in Cissna Park, Friday, with burial here in the Beecher Mausoleum.

Lena’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:
Brother & Sister-in-law: Henry F. Bahlman & Emma Wehmhoefer
Brother & Sister-in-law: John H. Bahlmann & Anna L Wehrmann Bahlmann
Brother : William F. Bahlmann
Brother & Sister-in-law: Charles H. Bahlman & Minnie Schweer Bahlman
Niece & Nephew-in-law: Lillian Bahlman Wegert & Henry H. Wegert
Niece & Nephew-in-law: Lora Bahlman Hinze & Arthur A. Hinze
Nephew & Niece-in-law: Henry W. Bahlman & Marguerite Toleson Bahlman
Niece: Carolyn M. Bahlman
Nephew: Donald W. Bahlman
Niece & Nephew-in-law: Ferne Bahlman Hildeman & William R. Hildeman
Niece & Nephew-in-law: Dorothy Bahlman Saller & Herbert C. Saller
Grand Niece & Grand Nephew-in-law: Charlene M. Saller Graham & Arthur Graham
Great Grand Niece: Nancy Graham Fenske

(Note: Some family members maintained the original spelling of Bahlmann while others omitted the last “n”)

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