Henry F. Thielman

Age: 83 years, 5 months, 16 days


DOB: May, 4, 1864
Mount Vernon, IN USA

DOD: October 20, 1947
Largent Convalescent Home, Midlothian, IL USA


Son of Heinrich F. and Johanna (nee Thiels) Thielman

Brother to: Annie Sophia (August Bieker), Christian F. (Wilhelmina Menikheim), Magdalena “Lena” H. (Georg Weil), Johannas “John” (Sophia C. Menikheim),Dorothea Caroline (Thomas Welborn),  William Jennings (Carrie C. Uebelhack), and Louis Henry (Mamie Elizabeth Dansman) Thielman

Husband of Lucy Grage, married in 1890, Iowa
Father of: Harry F. Thielman, born Oct. 14, 1894 in Manning, Iowa USA
It is assumed Henry’s first wife died in childbirth. Harry was raised by his grandparents, Ferdinand & Maria H. (Evers) Grage until Henry F. re-married in 1901. Harry visited them frequently in Iowa.

Husband of Minnie K. Bielfeldt, married September 26, 1901, Beecher, IL USA
Father to: Mildred Lillian (Charles A. Kilborn), Walter Louis (Paula Marguerite Kuhlmann) and Henry Biefeldt (Joyce Moncrief) Thielman



Minnie, Henry F, Harry, Mildred & Walter Thielman.  The house- keepers’ names are unknown. Can you help identify them?




Things I Have Seen, written by Henry as an old man, sitting in his apartment in Chicago Heights. I believe he wrote it on behalf of or by request from his son Walter, my grandfather. My father Les cherished it for many years,but finally passed it on to my siblings and me, Henry’s great-grandchildren. I hope you will read it with kindness and forgive his grammatical errors. It’s an interesting look into the past.

During the period of 1907-1914,  Henry Thielman and Dr. Miley were strong advocates for Hard Roads (gravel roads) and wrote many interesting newspaper articles on the subject. If you would like to read some of their articles, click on the link below:


Henry Thielman and the Arkansas Rice Lands

Henry Thielman was one of Beecher’s ambitious real estate entrepreneurs. He owned and also sold farm land in Stuttgart, Arkansas that he advertised in the Herald from approximately 1905-1914. To read more about the Stuttgart, Arkansas rice lands, click on the link below:

“The Rice King of Cereals”


November 26, 1909 – Beecher Herald


Atlas of Will County, IL 1909, George A. Ogle & Co. Henry Thielman residenceMr. and Mrs. H.F. Thielman entertained about sixty of their friends, Tuesday evening, at their beautiful home at the corner of Hodges and Reed Streets. The printed cards which were sent invited the receivers to “come and grab a piece of fun,” and in accordance they all came with both “grabbers,” and each vied with one another in the effort to grab the biggest piece. Games, word contests and various other amusements were indulged in to pass the time away. Every minute was fun and every guest mingled in the fun. In the word contest there were two divisions – the letters composing the names of a great man, and the making of as large a number of words from the letters in a given time. Mrs. Arthur Struve and Mrs. Frank Hunte were tied for the honors of discovering the name of the great man – Henry Thielman – and drew cuts to ascertain the winner, Mrs. Hunte coming out victorious and received a handsome china plate as the prize. Mrs. Arthur Ehrhardt wrote the largest number of words and received a beautiful mustard cup as a prize. Gus. Hoff and Christ. Eskilson were tied for “booby” prize, and they, too, were compelled to draw cuts. Mr. Eskilson won out and was presented an alphabet book. At about midnight the guests were seated at a banquet spread in the basement, where a most bounteous repast was partaken of. After the feast the guests were escorted to the beautiful parlors where more fun, music, both vocal and instrumental, and general mirth prevailed. It was one o’clock before the party broke up and each member bid Mr. and Mrs. Thielman as having an enjoyable time. Mr. and Mrs. Thielman are royal entertainers.

May 13, 1910 – Beecher Herald

Personals – Henry F. Thielman

Circa 1910 Halladay Automobile

Circa 1910 Halladay Automobile

Henry Hack and Will Selk went to Streator, last week, and brought home Henry Thielman’s new Halladay automobile. It is the same style and pattern as those of Deneke & Wegert and Arthur Struve.

December 4, 1914 – Beecher Herald

H.F. Thielman and family departed, Monday, for Stuttgart, Ark., where Mr. Thielman will embark in farming. During Mr. Thielman’s residence in Beecher he has figured as one of our foremost and progressive citizens, always ready to lend his aid to the uplift of the village and community. Mrs. Thielman is a charming woman who has always been an excellent neighbor and has figured among the social element as one of the leaders. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Thielman and their family health and prosperity in their new home.

June 8, 1933 – Beecher Herald



Hack Funeral Home Circa 2013

Henry Hack & Son have purchased the old Thielman home. This residence was built by H.F. Thielman some years ago as one the largest, most pretentious homes in the section. It has remained vacant for a number of years due to its enormous size and the changed living conditions which has made it unmarketable for purely residential purposes.

It is the intention of the purchasers to convert the first floor of the residence into a modern funeral home while using the second floor for living purposes. In making this move, Henry Hack & Son will also retire from the garage business, having rented their garage and former residence, and will direct all their attentions to funeral directing.

In making this progressive step it is their intention to provide for the community a funeral home which will be surpassed by none in this section with all the privacy, neatness and convenience of your own homes. They will also restore to its former beauty one of the outstanding architectural monuments of our village.

October 23, 1947 – Beecher Herald



Henry Thielman, 83, passed away, Saturday morning, at the Largent Convalescent Home, Midlothian.

Funeral services were conducted, Monday, at the Hack Funeral Home. Rev. J.J. Merzdorf of St. John’s Ev. and Reformed Church officiated in the absence of Rev. G. Horst. Burial was in the Beecher Mausoleum.

Surviving are Walter Thielman of Chicago Heights, Mildred Kilborn of Hammond, Henry Thielman Jr. of Stuttgart, Arkansas and Harry Thielman of Long Beach, California; also nine grandchildren.

Henry F. Thielman came to Beecher in 1899. He had been vice president of German-American Land Co., dealers in southern lands and particularly Arkansas rice acreage. He built the beautiful residence which is now the Hack Funeral Home, and will be remembered as the owner of the finest automobile in Beecher at the time when the motor car was still a curiosity.

For a number of years he had been a resident of Chicago Heights.

Henry’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:

Wife: Minnie K. (Bielfeldt) Thielman
Son & Daughter-in-law: Walter L. Thielman & Paula M. (Kuhlman) Thielman
Grandsons: Loren W. Thielman  and Leslie R. Thielman and his wife Dollie Joanne Thielman
Father & Mother-in-law of daughter (Mildred L. Kilborn) Albert F. Kilborn & Elizabeth (Dole) Kilborn

Other, more distant family include: Bahlman, Batterman, Bergmeier, Beseke, Bielfeldt, Bohl, Cloidt, Dunlap, Engleking,  Fenske, Fick, Fiene, Freerking, Frobose, Graham, Guritz, Hack, Hager, Haltenhof , Heine, Heldt, Hildeman, Hinze, Hoffman, Hoppensteadt, Horn, Hunte, Kaczynski, Kappe, Kirchhoff,  Klocksieben, Koch, Langreder, Leder, Maass, Matthias, Mc Carty, Meyer, Monk, Niedert, Ohlendorf, Pansa, Peters, Pralle, Riley, Ristenpart, Rohe, Rust, Saller, Selk, Struve, Vagt, Von Engeln, Wegert, Wehmhoefer, Wiechen, Westphal, Wilkening,

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