An extensive amount of research has gone into locating information on those interred in the mausoleum. Obituaries, death notices, wedding announcements, births and christenings, anniversaries, parties and many other articles have been collected on the individuals interred in the mausoleum and their relatives.  Additional articles of other local Beecher residents who may or may not be related were also compiled.

We currently have over 12,000 people in the Beecher Mausoleum Family Tree on which includes many of the people who founded the Village of Beecher and Washington Township. We may have information on your ancestors, too.

If you are researching your family’s genealogy, we would be happy to check our files and see if we have anything you’re looking for.  Just send Sandra an E-mail.

Here’s a cute story written by Dahlia Wyllarde which I found at Petunia Press.

Ancestor Rustling Rampant on the Internet Range

I hope you enjoy it !

11 thoughts on “GENEALOGY

  1. what can you tell me about Sophia Jaeger (Russo) do you have a picture.
    related to the family of Henry Hinze of Beecher …..

    All I have on Sophia Jaeger, is Born 11-28-1884 Illinois, Baptism 1-4-1885 sterling, Il
    1900 Census, Servant for the August Gerstenkom Family Crete, IL age 15. I don’t even show her marriage to a Russo. Can you share more information?

    • information received from: Paula Scheiwe 12-5-2018

      August Gerstenkorn was my husband’s great-grandfather. I have pictures of the family at their house. There are people in the pictures that we have not been able to name. Any ideas on how to contact Dorothea Hinze – I was unable to “log in” to respond to the email.

      Thank you very much
      Paula Scheiwe

      my husband is Charles Scheiwe – a direct descendant of the Eagle Lake, Beecher, Crete Scheiwe’s and Gerstenkorn’s

  2. Just talked to Don Sala and he suggested contacting you. We are looking for Engel Marie Sophie Guritz and Caroline Herre Guritz who are the 1st and 2nd wives of Wilhelm Guritz who is buried at St. John United Church of Christ cemetery. However, we can’t find where the two wives are buried. Just discovered each of them has a son that is buried in the mausoleum. Would you have any additional information on them that might tell where the two mothers are buried or where I might look? Thank you!

    • Sorry, Lucas I was never able to find that information. I believe they stayed behind in Germany. The information may be found in the DuPage Church that he was first married in to Elenora “Lora” Wagner, but i was never able to track down that church myself. If you ever discover their names will you please share them with us?

  3. I am trying to find information on my grandfather’s family. I’m looking to trace the family back to Iowa. His name was Roland D. Schuetz. Please help me I have questions that no one can answer

    • I do not have any information on a Roland D. Schuetz, But I do know that Reverend William H.L. Schuetz of the Zion Lutheran Church officiated over the funerals of:
      Carolyn Bahlman, Charles Bahlman, John H. Bahlman, Friedaricka Peters and Louise Wiechen. Maybe there is a connections between the two of them.

  4. Is there any information or photos of my grandmother Lucinda Burton born in 1933
    Hazel Chapter? She was also member to the White Shrine of Jerusalem

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