Beecher’s New Mausoleum

October 25, 1912 Beecher Herald

10-25-1912 Beechers New Mausoleum

Will Be an Ideal, Sanitary and Impressive Monument to the Dead

Sale of Crypts is Progressing Rapidly and the Project is Assured

On an ideal site to be selected by the patrons, it is planned to erect a building which for beauty, elegance, durability, strength and sacredness of purpose will be unsurpassed anywhere.

This building will be a mausoleum, a place to entomb our sacred dead above ground. Within this mighty structure, a monument which for magnificence, dignity and durability cannot be surpassed, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives can lie side by side through the long eternal sleep, each preserving the human form, separated only by the walls of their chambers, calm and peaceful, and a source of satisfaction to those of the living who know they have done the best thing possible for their loved ones, and are themselves saved from the pangs of sorrow incident the thought of the horrible consequences of earth burial.

There exists in every community a constantly growing demand for a better method of caring for the dead than that offered by ground interment. The compartment mausoleum affords that better way. The bodies placed in the crypts of the mausoleum are preserved in their natural form and entirety.

There can be no doubt but that the perfect formed human body will be just as pleasing to the Creator on the day of the resurrection as the dust or ashes from which it might have been made.

How often have we been horrified at what we see at funerals – the downpour of rain, the watery grave, the sound of earth falling upon the coffin lid, and especially is it heart rending if it is our own loved one that is thus being put from our sight.

It matters not after a funeral in the mausoleum how fierce the storm, how dark the night, how wet the ground, those who parted that day for the last time from the loved ones can lie down and sleep in peace, feeling that the dear one is beyond the rain, the storm, the wet, lying in restful peace and dryness, symbolic of the repose of the spirit in the better world.

If you want something that is not only just a little bit better than anything else, but the best to be had, you will find it in the mausoleum.

The sale of crypts is progressing nicely. Within the past few days many new names have been added to the large list of representative citizens in this vicinity previously secured. It is an assured fact that Beecher is to have a mausoleum, and when built it will be as good as the best anywhere. For further information apply to Henry Thielman or A. Struve, Managers, Beecher, IL

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