Mary E. & Milton C. Miley

DOB: uncertain
DOD: uncertain

They were most likely born around April 24, 1913 at Augustana Hospital, IL, USA.

Daughter & Son of Dr. Michael M. Miley & Anna (Manz) Miley

Sister & brother to: Alice A., Bernice E. (Albert A. Anderson) and Olive M. Miley.

Augustana hospital 2

We have no official record or confirmation of the twins’ birth or death. All we could find was a short mention in the Beecher Herald personals of Dr. Miley rushing his wife Anna to the Augustana Hospital and Anna undergoing two operations: on April 24, 1913 and again 3 weeks later. Later, she was finally well enough to return home. It is our assumption that the twins may have been born and died in that time frame.

We also do not know where the twins were originally buried, since the mausoleum was under construction in the spring of 1913 and not officially opened until June of 1914. Although Anna’s crypt is on the ground level, it’s possible that the twins were the very first occupants, awaiting their mother to join them even before the official dedication.

Dr. Miley was one of the prominent speakers at the mausoleum’s opening dedication.
To read more about the dedication, please follow these links: “Mausoleum Dedication” and “Mausoleum Dedicated”

Mary & Milton’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:

Mother & father: Anna (Manz) Miley & Dr. Michael M. Miley
Sister: Alice A. Miley
Sister: Olive M. Miley

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