To those who have lent a helping hand, contributed personal time, or donated to the effort to restore the Beecher Mausoleum, we are grateful.

We appreciate that you believe the mausoleum, our Will County Historic Preservation, is worth saving, and we’re thankful for all who have joined the cause or have been a guiding light in this mission.

We especially want to thank the following:

landmarks-illnois-logo[1]Landmarks Illinois
Bonnie McDonald – President
Lisa DiChiera – Director of Advocacy
Jack Tribbia – Member of the Board

SMALL - Berglund_Logo_BlueBerglund Construction:
Jack Tribbia, President of the Restoration Division;
Dan Nyblom, Vice President & Project Manager; Tom Benedict, Jobsite Superintendent; Paul McGhee, Bricklayer and  Alejandro Banda, Tuck Pointer.

Work in process 4Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen Local 21
Jim Allen, President
Bricklayers : Ed Tiedt, Hector Arellano, Andy Kwiechien
Tuckpointers : Tim Rossborough, Mike Alore, Jim Fialkowski, Greg Posch, Jack Probola

9-29-14 032United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 434
Bob Howard, Adam Howard, Ryan Franczyk



Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Craftsmen Local 11
(Journeymen) Jeff Eppenstein, Kevin Coleman, Brian Dubin, Ruben Barbosa (Apprentices) Mauriel Aurioles, Joshua Mayo, Brian Fields, Jerry Zavala, Francisco Arriaga, Dalton Chastain, Joseph Bogat, Albino Barajas, Anton Bedalow, Nick Amelio, Mariano Rodriguez, Antoine Ford, Michael Cisneros, Serafin Gallardo, Arturo Cruz, Orlando Coronel, Martin Juarez, Dan Anderson, Rafael Cortez-Porras, Aaron Foster, Steven Doepke


2014-11-01 01.09.08Knickerbocker Roofing & Paving Co
Chris Cronin
Donation of roofing material


Galloy & Van Etten Cut Stone ContractorIMG_2557
Tom Van Etten
Donation of cut limestone & Scuppers


Illini Hi-ReachIMG_2414
John Mc Farland
Donated use of sky lifts


2014-11-01 02.10.021st Michigan’s Engineers & Mechanics, Co. E
Civil War Re-enactors
Brian Conroy & Jill Silbert


2014-11-01 04.49.55Helped with our Halloween Party:
Linda Goedtke, Carolyn Short,  Dean Bettenhausen &
Waltz Foods, Lisa Campbell, Christine Geisler,
Tom Vandemerkt, Carol Heinrichs


Village of Beecher logoOfficer Andy LeRoy, Police Dept.
Dave Lagesse, Fire Dept.


16371_369115843244388_5671365789789747979_nUniversity of Illinois, School of Architecture
Paul Kapp, Associate Professor of Architecture
ARCH 518 : Recording Historic Buildings, 2014 Class:
Dana Burgess, Nancy A. Edwards, David Fleming, Catherine Ferrari, Greg Morse, Muhammad Taimur and Kelly Valin


bladerunners lawn careBlade Runners Law Care Service
Steve & Reed Renfrow 815-258-9848
Maintained our landscaping & lawn in 2014 – 2020


Beecher’s Lions Club, for sharing their booth with us during the “Driving the Dixie” event on June 15, 2013.


All of the people who came to the Beecher Mausoleum’s first Open House, Memorial Day, 2013 and supported our restoration project


IMG_2445Chris Geisler and Tom Vandemerkt for volunteering to take care of our lawn maintenance since 2012


Landmarks Illinois LogoLandmarks Illinois for recognizing and accepting the Beecher Mausoleum to “2013 Illinois Ten Most Endangered Landmarks” list. This  honor is extended to only 10 applicants each year out of dozens of entries.
  • Beecher Herald: for recording past events and in publicizing them in the present and future
  • Beecher Community Library: for allowing use of photographs in the Beecher Quasquicentennial Book;
  • Beecher Community Historical Society and Washington Township Museum: for assisting in research and historical input;
  • Will County Land Use Department and Will County Historic Preservation Commission: for designation of landmark status;
  • Matt Hucke, Find-A-Grave; for current photos.

 Jim Arnold, Arnold’s Tree Service: for the removal of mountains of landscaping debris and grinding out the old tree and bushes stumps

at the beginning of our restoration project and through the years after larger storms hit and broke branches on our trees. 
  • Tom Benedict – jobsite superintendent for Berglund who donated additional labor to make sure all restoration work was expertly completed
  • Paul Wiechen for sponsoring our lawn service 2014-2015
  • Lisa Campbell – Board Member
  • Carol Heinrichs – Writing, editing of website & press releases
  • Christine Geisler – Artwork, posters and helping when ever called
  • Officer Andy LeRoy – Beecher Police Dept. for keeping a watchful eye out during restoration efforts
  •  Howard Paul, Author: Refections of our Small Town. Russell Publications, 1995
  • Douglas Keister, Author: A Brief History of the Community Mausoleum
  • Carol Triebold and Phyllis Monk for allowing us to use photos taken from their book “Crete Remembered” in referance to the Horn and Rohe Families
  • Kurt West Garner – Consultant for helping us with our “Ten Most Endangered” and National Register Applications
  • Jim’s Trees – for our beautiful arborvitae emerald green evergreens
  • Don Sala – 2018 new Board Member



Stonecrafters Inc.
Dave Hammerl
430 W. Wegner Road
Lakemoore, IL 60051

For generously supplying us with cleaning and polishing supplies and advise, in addition to donating some of the much needed marble pieces from his businesses inventory that match our marble and cutting and polishing the new marble we need at cost to the mausoleum project. In addition to helping us get 4 slabs of marble at cost also.

Thank you Dave Hammerl

Summer 2020 

Special Thanks to KRT Concrete, Grant Park, IL for donating all the material and labor needed to restore our front stoop and sidewalk.  In the spring of 2020 after receiving several bids, The Beecher mausoleum board choose KRT Concrete to preform the work needed for our sidewalk.

After talking with Karl & Gail Hipke and telling them the historic story of the mausoleum Karl came back to me and said he had made arrangements for the entire project to be donated. Karl and his sons and grandsons preformed the work. They additional decided a stamped sidewalk would look the best and we agreed. It look wonderful. 

Stark Service Inc. donated the ready mix and Carroll Construction Supply donated the concrete coloring and sealant. 


A special thanks must be given to the members of the Beecher Mausoleum Association Board, without whose support this project would not have been possible. Its members include: Association President Sandra Thielman, Former President of the Village of Beecher Paul Lohmann (now passed), Will County Board Member Bob Howard, John Dean (now passed) of Hack Funeral Home , Lisa Campbell, Ben Juzesyn and Architect Donald Bahlman, Dave Hammerl. 

Also, thanks to the many others who have attended meetings, donated to the mausoleum restoration effort and helped in so many other ways.

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