Fred Heldt

Age: 93 years, 2 months, 12 days


DOB: September 24, 1876
Beecher, IL USA

DOD: December 6, 1969
South Suburban Hospital, Hazelcrest, IL USA

Son of Ernst and Lisette (nee Stadt) Heldt

Brother to: William F. (Emma Blievernicht), Amelia (Henry Seehausen), Karl “Charles” (Charlotia Klemme), Emma (Heinrich Fick), Sophia Marie, Lisette Mina, Ernst Jr.(Elisabeth Rosenbrook), Ludwig “Louis” (Clara Bergmeier) , Robert (Louise Wolkow) Heldt

Husband of Ida Elizabeth Johanna (nee Peters) Heldt, married Dec. 16, 1900 in Beecher, IL


Father of Violet (Henry T. Meeter) Heldt ( Can you see Violet sitting on her mother’s lap?)


1909 Halloween postcardMr. and Mrs. S.R. Stites and Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Heldt entertained about 50 of their married friends at a Halloween party, Saturday evening. The party gathered at the home of Mrs. H. Bielfeldt at 7:30 o’clock and from there ambled around in an effort to locate where the function proper would take place. When they arrived at the Stites home they were directed through the dimly lighted rooms, following a narrow roped passage to the basement. Before reaching their destination, however, they heard weird and hideous noises that fairly made the cold chills creep up and down their spinal columns. The basement was in utter darkness, but a match was brought into play and jack-o-lanterns and lighted candles soon illuminated the room, when it was found tables were set with plenty of good things to eat that would even tempt a ghost. Unique and appropriate decorations adorned the tables. Large jack-o-lanterns were placed in the center of the tables, while at each plate there were small candles with carrots as candlesticks. Alongside of each plate were also small turnips filled with assorted candies. Even the paper napkins were adorned with a pumpkin face and a witch, appropriate to the occasion. After satisfying the inner man – at which the writer must confess we overdone it – 1909 Halloween Good Witchthe happy throng were escorted to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Heldt, where they found the rooms tastily decorated with corn stalks and autumn leaves. Here games, vocal and instrumental music, dancing and general merriment prevailed and each guest seemed to enjoy an equal share of the fun. At midnight the good witch made her visit with a kettle of sparkling grape juice just to put on the finishing touch, and shortly afterward the party dispersed, regretting that it had “got late late so early”. The ladies, Mesdames Stites and Heldt, are charming entertainers and are deserving of much praise for their party on Saturday evening, which was so successfully carried out.
Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Lake of Chicago were the only out-of-town guests.

January 1910, Fred resigned his position as rural mail carrier and was succeeded by his brother Louis E. Heldt.

May 1910 Fred E. and his brother Charles E. Heldt purchased the Cloidt grain elevator for $8,500. They also purchased the Cloidt residence for $5,000.

1915 to 1923 Fred managed the Farmers Grain Company.

He was also Justice of the Peace in the Beecher area for 15 years, a deputy sheriff of Will County for four years, a policeman in Lansing for two years, central committeeman for the Republican party for many years, first president of the area chapter of the Modern Woodmen of America, and president of the former Beecher Commercial Club.  Mr. Heldt also served St. John’s United Church of Christ in many capacities.


Fred Heldt and Family Return From an Enjoyable Vacation

Gives Interesting Story of His Trip and Country, Visited

Fred Heldt Iowa visit 1911Fred E. Heldt and family have returned from a week’s vacation spent in Iowa. They report having immensely enjoyed their visit. Mr. Heldt relates his experience during his stay: “We left Beecher on May 13 and arrived at Waverly, Iowa, at 6:13 Saturday evening, where we were met by our cousin, C.C. Treaton, who is a noted farmer of Bremer County, Iowa. The following Monday we went with Mr. Treaton to a farmer’s creamery at Artesian, of which Mr. Treaton is secretary and manager. The creamery handled 540,000 pounds of milk last month and has 80 milk customers. They pay 89 cents for milk and receive 22 cents a pound for butter. From there we went to the homes of Carl, Louis and John Pries and August Thiemann, who are engaged in hog raising, They have from 20 to 60 brood sows each, and it is considered no trick at all to ship from one to fifteen cars of hogs a week by buyers at this point. On Friday, May 19, we left for Sumner to make a short visit with our uncle, Mr. Carl Priece, and on Saturday we left for West Union to visit our Aunt, Mrs. H. Schroeder, and cousins, Wm. Schroeder and Emil Heldt. The latter is well known in this community and sends his regards to all enquiring friends. The country at West Union, Fayette County, is more rolling than that at Bremer. Mr. Heldt and Mr. Schroeder are engaged in raising cattle and sheep. Crops looked good at all points we visited. Corn had already been worked once and oats, wheat and hay were knee deep. Prices for wheat was $1.05; corn .55c; hay $13; hogs $7.90; butter, 23c, and eggs, 13c.”                     Fred E. Heldt





Fred Heldt A&p 1923Fred E. Heldt, former manager of the Farmers Grain Company of Beecher, but who resigned as such several weeks ago, has accepted the position as manager of the A&P store in the Bockelman building on Gould street. He assumed his new position on Monday morning, and is rapidly becoming familiar with his duties.
Melvin G. Durgy, who assumed management of the store at its opening, returned, Monday, to his home at Beardstown, where he will resume his position of manager of the A&P

Photo from Beecher Quaquicentennial book, gentlemen in the photo are not Fred Heldt, but, Oscar Knuth and Arnold Knuth

Photo from Beecher Quaquicentennial book, gentlemen in the photo are not Fred Heldt, but, Oscar Knuth and Arnold Knuth

store there. Mr. Durgy made many friends during his short stay in Beecher. Mr. Heldt is too well known to our readers to need introduction. He has been engaged in various business in Beecher and the buying public will welcome his pleasing and courteous ways in his chosen vocation.



Golden Wedding Fred & Ida Heldt 1950Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heldt celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, Saturday, Dec. 16th. They received many cards, flowers and lovely gifts. The couple were the guest of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meeter and children, Patricia and Dudley, at a dinner in the Colonial Room Chicago 1950Colonial Room in Chicago. A quartet of costumed carolers rendered several Christmas songs at their table. As the dessert was served, a cake with lighted candles was placed before the honored couple while the organist played “I Love You Truly”, “The Anniversary Song” and “Because.”



Rites Held in Beecher Tuesday for Fred Heldt

Rites for Fred E Heldt 1969Funeral services were held Tuesday at the Hack Chapel in Beecher for Fred E. Heldt, 93 of 705 Woodward Street, who died at South Suburban Hospital, Hazelcrest on Saturday. The Rev. Walter C. Coffey officiated and interment was in the Beecher Mausoleum.

Mr. Heldt who was born September 24, 1876 in Beecher, was Central Committeeman of the Republican party for many years, served as first president of the Modern Woodman of America and was president of the former Beecher Commercial Club. He was a policeman for two years in Lansing, deputy sheriff of Will County for four years and served as justice of the peace in this area for 15 years. He served in many capacities as a member of St. John’s United Church of Christ.

Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Henry (Violet) Meeter, two grandchildren, Major Dudley Meeter of Omaha, Neb. and Mrs. Robert (Pat) Burgess of Springfield, and 3 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, Ida, in 1962 and by five brothers and four sisters.

Fred’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:

Wife: Ida (Peters) Heldt
Father & Mother: Ernst Heldt & Lisette (Stadt) Heldt
In-laws: Martin Peters & Fridericka (Barmann) Peters
Brother & Sister-in-law: Rudolph Peters & Elizabeth (Eckhoff) Peters
Brother & Sister-in-law: William F. Peters & Helen (Wehling) Peters
Cousin: Henry Heldt Sr.

Other, more distant family include: Bahlman, Batterman, Bergmeier, Beseke, Bielfeldt, Bohl, Cloidt, Dunlap, Engleking,  Fenske, Fick, Freerking, Frobose, Graham, Guritz, Hack, Hager, Haltenhof , Heine, Hildeman, Hinze, Hoffman, Hoppensteadt, Horn, Hunte, Kaczynski, Kappe, Kilborn,  Kirchhoff,  Klocksieben, Koch, Langreder, Leder, Maass, Matthias, Mc Carty, Meyer, Monk, Niedert, Ohlendorf, Pansa, Pralle, Riley, Ristenpart, Rohe, Rust, Saller, Selk, Struve, Thielman, Vagt, Von Engeln, Wegert, Wehmhoefer, Wiechen, Wilkening,


Mary E. Hinze

Age: 91 years, 11 months, 21 days

(nee JESSEN )

DOB: November 4, 1877
Beecher, IL USA

DOD: October 25, 1969
Peotone-Bensenville nursing home

Daughter of Louis Ludwig and Christina (nee Bruns) Jessen

Sister to eleven : Henry (Mary Kirsch and Christina Harret), Emma (Charles W. Bartels), August W, Bertha (Herbert Edwards), Alvina K. (Friedrich H. Langreder), William H. (Lena Bock), Charles F. (Lene Wilke), Ernest H. (Caroline Clausing), Clara M. (Christian Scheer), Augusta and Louise Jessen

Wife of Friedrich “Fred” Langreder, married June 2, 1897.

Beecher Delite Inn 3

Possibly Fred & Mary (Jessen) Langreder. Photo courtesy of James R. Wright

Mother to: Charles C, Allice M. (Frank H. Leder) and  Mildred Langreder

Step-mother to: Clara and Walter F. (Alda L. White) Langreder

Friedrich was originally married to Mary’s Older sister: Alvina K Jessen, married Oct 9, 1889. To this union, Clara and Walter were born. Alvina died June 26, 1895.
Fred Langreder died July 19, 1940 and is also resting in the Beecher Mausoleum

Mary married her second husband, Albert A Hinze, on July 31, 1941.
No children were born to this union.

Mary now rests with her first husband Fred Langreder and all three of her children, Charles, Alice and Mildred.


Mary E Hinze obitMrs. Mary Emma Hinze, 91 of Beecher died Saturday, October 25, 1969 at the Bensonville Home in Peotone after a brief illness.

Mrs. Hinze, a life long resident of Beecher, lived the last five years at Bensonville Home. She was a member of the Royal Neighbors of America of Chicago Heights and St. Luke’s Church in Beecher.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Louis Jessen; her husband, Albert; a son, Charles; and a daughter, Mildred.

Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Alice Leder of Peotone, and a sister, Mrs. Clara Scheer of Arlington Heights.

Services were held at the Fredde-Helfrich Funeral Home with the Rev. Walter Coffey officiating. He was assisted by Mrs. Edwin Radtke, soloist, accompanied by Mrs. Robert Dubbert.

Interment was at the Beecher Mausoleum with John Wieggel Sr., Walter Becker, Virgil Selk, Henry Kappe, Vern Unruh and Ray Stadt serving as pallbearers.

Mary’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:

First Husband: Fred Langreder
Son: Charles Langreder
Daughter: Alice M. (Langreder) Leder
Daughter: Mildred Langreder
Husband’s half brother & wife: Arthur A. Hinze & Lora (Bahlman) Hinze

Other, more distant family include: Bahlman, Batterman, Bergmeier, Beseke, Bielfeldt, Bohl, Cloidt, Dunlap, Engleking,  Fenske, Fick, Freerking, Frobose, Graham, Guritz, Hack, Hager, Haltenhof , Heine, Heldt, Hildeman, Hoffman, Hoppensteadt, Horn, Hunte, Kaczynski, Kappe, Kilborn,  Kirchhoff,  Klocksieben, Koch, Maass, Matthias, Mc Carty, Meyer, Monk, Niedert, Ohlendorf, Pansa, Peters, Pralle, Riley, Ristenpart, Rohe, Rust, Saller, Selk, Struve, Thielman, Vagt, Von Engeln, Wegert, Wehmhoefer, Wiechen, Wilkening,




Age: 93 years, 1 month, 5 days


DOB: February 6, 1876
Kankakee County, IL, USA

DOD: March 11,1969
Beecher, Will County, IL, USA

Daughter of John and Katharine (nee Urhammer) Blievernicht

Sister to: William Blievenicht, Minnie (August Pfingsten), Herman C. (Anna Luescher), Emma (William F. Heldt), Melissa (Claus Stoeven), John C. (Anna D. Unknown), Louise M. (John C. Bohl)

Wife of Henry H. Bohl, Jr., married February 9, 1898



Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at St. John’s United Church of Christ for Mrs. Sophie Bohl, 93, of 640 Indiana, Beecher. The Rev. John Merzdorf will officiate and interment will be at the Beecher Mausoleum.

Mrs. Bohl died Tuesday at her home. She was born February 6, 1876 in Kankakee County and was a lifelong resident of this area.

She was preceded in death by her husband Henry on June 3, 1953, 3 brothers and four sisters.

Visitation will be after 3 p.m. at the Hack Chapel and from 1 to 2 on Saturday at the church.

Editors Notes: Heinrich Bohl Sr., Sophie’s father-in-law, lived with Henry & Sophie from the time of their marriage to the time of his death in 1921.

Nieces and nephews survive.

Sophie’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are: 
Husband: Henry H. Bohl
Father-in-law: Heinrich “Hy” Bohl


Dollie Joanne Thielman

Age: 33 years, 9 months, 15 days


DOB: January 21, 1935
Girard, KS USA

DOD: November 5, 1968
Park Forest, IL USA


Daughter of Clarence and Lillie (nee Thornton) Johnson


Sister to: Rita Joy (Andy) Fridrich and Marilee (Robert) Young

Wife of Leslie R. Thielman, married June 24, 1953 St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Chicago Hgts, IL by: Pastor Arthur A Brauer

Mother to: Sherry Lynn (Gianneschi), Sandra Lee and Walter Scott Thielman

Editor’s note: Dollie Joanne Thielman is the mother of this Editor “Sandra Lee Thielman” and the founder of The Beecher Mausoleum Guardian Angels. The restoration of the mausoleum is a act of love for only for all the people resting here but most of all for my mom. Miss you still to this very day!




Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Friday in Spindler-Koelling Lincolnway Chapel, Matteson, for Mrs. Dollie Joanne Thielman of 192 Nauvoo, Park Forest, who died Tuesday in her home.

The Rev. Luther Bekemeier of Hope Lutheran Church, Park Forest, will officiate, and entombment will be in the Beecher Mausoleum.

Friends may call at the chapel after 2 p.m. Thursday and until time of services Friday.

Mrs. Thielman was born January 21, 1935, in Kansas, and had lived in Park Forest for six years. In addition to being a loving mother and wife she was a talented artist and taught art classes on occasion to the children of Talala grade school. She was a member of the Hope Lutheran Church.



Survivors include her husband, Leslie R; her father, Clarence Johnson of Conover, Wisconsin; her mother, Mrs. Lillia Stenning of Joplin, Missouri; two daughters, Sherry Lynn and Sandra Lee; a son, Walter Scott, and two sisters, Mrs. Rita Fridrichs of Steger and Mrs. Marilee Young of Monee Township.



Other family members resting in the mausoleum are: 

Grandparents-In-Law :Henry F Thielman & Minnie Bielfeldt Thielman
Father & Mother-In-Law: Walter L. Thielman & Paula M. KuhlmanThielman
Brother-in-Law: Loren Walter Thielman


Anna L Krueger

Age: 82 years, 8 months, 9 days

(nee Wittrock)

DOB: October 13, 1884
St. Louis, MO USA
DOD: June 22, 1967

Daughter of Fred & Anna (Frimmel) Wittrock

We cannot confirm Anna’s parentage or family. The only information we’ve found are her parents’ names on her U.S. Social Security death claims index.

Help Please


We do not have Anna Krueger’s obituary, but this is what we know so far:


(Editor’s note:  Anna and her husband August moved into the home of Carl Vagt after the death of Mrs. Vagt in 1932 and lovingly took care of Mr. Vagt. The Vagt home was on Penfield Street in Beecher)

An excerpt from Mr. Vagt’s obituary describes his years after the passing of his wife, when he “tried pitifully to carry on alone, but the burden of many years making itself felt, he happily accepted the gracious offer of Mr. and Mrs. August Krueger to move in with him and take care of him. This arrangement proved a veritable blessing to Mr. Vagt, a blessing which he deeply appreciated and which flooded his declining years with the peace and quiet of a beautiful sunset. Being relieved of all cares and worries and surrounded by loving attention and care, he enjoyed life as never before and no doubt desired to have it continued.”

Anna’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:

Husband: August Krueger
Although no direct family connections: Carl Vagt & Maria (Unruh) Vagt

No other family members are with the Kruegers. August bought the two crypts in 1944.


Henry Wegert DDS

Age: 87 years, 10 months, 10 days


DOB: May 30, 1879
Defiance, OH USA

DOD: April 9, 1967
Lutheran Deaconess Hospital, Chicago, IL USA

Son of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Wegert and Karoline W. H. (Roehl) Wegert

Brother to: William (Emma Bernicke), Wilhelmine Karoline, Anna (Frank E. Poe), Fredrick (Anna Hamann) and Rueben or Rudolph H. (Alvina D. Deneke) Wegert

Husband of Lillian Bahlman, married May 15, 1922, Chicago, IL USA

Henry Wegert. Trombone


Fourth of July, 1900, Henry H. Wegert, first row, third person from left. Trombone player.


Beecher's Brass Band l to r- Fred Kegelbine, William Wehmhoefer, H.H. Wegert, William Paul, Charles Adolph, Frank Hack, Ernie Selk, Rube Wegert and Herman Matson

Beecher’s Brass Band, l to r: Fred Kegelbine, William Wehmhoefer, H.H. Wegert, William Paul, Charles Adolph, Frank Hack, Ernie Selk, Rube Wegert and Herman Matson


1905 Back seat- l to r. W.Myrick, W. Bielfeldt, front seat-l to r.Dr. Henry Wegert, Carl Ehrhardt

1905, back seat, l to r:  W.Myrick, W. Bielfeldt; front seat, l to r:  Dr. Henry Wegert, Carl Ehrhardt


Two Young Beecher Boys Become Full-fledged Doctors

Both Have Locations and Will Begin Practice at Once

Loyola School of Medicine 1911

Loyola School of Medicine 1911

Dr Hack & Dr. Wegert 1911Two of Beecher’s young men have become full-fledged doctors, having received their “sheep skins” from the Bennett Medical College at Chicago at their graduation on last Monday. Ed Hack, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hack, and Henry H. Wegert, brother of R.H. Wegert, our tonsorial artist, were the two who were honored. Both young men are well and favorably known, and their many friends will join us in wishing them success in their chosen professional vocation.

Those from Beecher who attended the graduation exercises were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hack and son, Arthur; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hack; Herman Hack and family; Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Thielman and children; Dr. and Mrs. D.D. Van Voorhis; Mrs. Henry Bielfeldt and son, Elmer; Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Wegert; Albert Hack and Miss Marie Deneke.

Dr. Wegert has accepted an interne at the West Side Emergency Hospital at Chicago, and Dr. Hack and his college friend Dr. Methrow, who also graduated, Monday, have accepted a like call at the Rockford Hospital.

All three young doctors are thrifty, ambitious and full of vim and no doubt will become popular and successful in their profession as physicians and surgeons.

April 13, 1967 – Beecher Herald


Henry Wegert obit 1Funeral services were held at the Hack Chapel, Beecher, for Dr. Henry Wegert, 3145 Belden Ave, Chicago, on Wednesday, April 12. Dr. Wegert passed away Sunday, April 9, at the Lutheran Deaconess Hospital, Chicago, following a lingering illness. Born May 5, 1879 in Defiance, Ohio, he was 87 years of age.

Survivors include a sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife Lillian Bahlman Wegert.

Rev. John Melchert of Park Forest officiated at the services, and burial was in the Beecher Mausoleum.

April 13, 1967 – The Chicago Heights Star

Dr. Henry Wegert

Henry Wegert obit 2Funeral services were held Wednesday at Hack chapel, Beecher, for Dr. Henry Wegert, 87, of 3145 West Belden avenue, Chicago.

Interment was at the Beecher Mausoleum.

Dr. Wegert died Sunday in Lutheran – Deaconess Hospital, Chicago, following a lingering illness.

He was born on May 30, 1879, in Defiance, Ohio, and was a Chicago resident for nearly 45 years.

Dr. Wegert is survived by three brothers and one sister and many nieces and nephews in Beecher.  (Editors note: this is incorrect. All three of Henry’s brothers and one sister preceded him in death)

Henry’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:

Wife: Lillian (Bahlman) Wegert
Father & Mother-in-law: Henry F. Bahlman & Emma (Wehmhoefer) Bahlman
Brother & Sister-in-law: Arthur A. Hinze & Lora (Bahlman) Hinze
Brother & Sister-in-law: Henry W. Bahlman DDS & Marguerite (Toleson) Bahlman
Sister-in-law: Carolyn M. Bahlman
Brother-in-law: Donald W. Bahlman
Brother & Sister-in-law: William R. Hildeman & Ferne (Bahlman) Hildeman
Uncle & Aunt of Wife: Charles H. Bahlman & Sophia Minnie (Schweer) Bahlman
Uncle & Aunt of Wife: John H. Bahlmann & Anna L. (Wehrmann) Bahlmann
Uncle of Wife: William F. Bahlmann
Cousins of Wife: Herbert C. Saller & Dorothy (Bahlman) Saller
2nd Cousins of Wife: Arthur Graham & Charlene M. (Saller) Graham
3rd Cousin of Wife: Nancy (Graham) Fenske

Other, more distant family include: Batterman, Bergmeier, Beseke, Bielfeldt, Bohl, Cloidt, Dunlap, Engleking,  Fick, Fiene, Freerking, Frobose, Guritz, Hack, Hager, Haltenhof , Heine, Heldt, Hoffman, Hoppensteadt, Horn, Hunte, Kaczynski, Kappe, Kilborn,  Kirchhoff,  Klocksieben, Koch, Langreder, Leder, Maass, Matthias, Mc Carty, Meyer, Monk, Niedert, Ohlendorf, Pansa, Peters, Pralle, Riley, Ristenpart, Rohe, Rust, Selk, Struve, Thielman, Vagt, Von Engeln, Wehmhoefer, Wiechen, Westphal, Wilkening.



Age: 64 years, 10 months, 25 days

“Henry William Bahlman”

DOB: December 1, 1899
Eagle Lake, Will County, IL, USA

DOD: October 26, 1964
Chicago Heights, Cook County, IL, USA

Bahlmann Coat of Arms
Bahlman Coat of Arms

Son of Henry F. and Emma (nee Wehmhoefer) Bahlman

Brother to: Lillian (Henry H. Wegert), Lora (Arthur A. Hinze), Carolyn M. Bahlman, Donald W. (Martha Jo Mitchell) and Ferne (William R. Hildeman)

Husband of Marguerite (nee Toleson, Greenfield) Bahlman
Married October 31, 1930
Adoptive Father to: Audrey Greenfield Bahlman (Jack Amram)

Graduate of Bloom Township High School, Class of 1920

Chicago Dental College


Graduate of Chicago Dental College Chicago 1926



 Chicago Heights Star – October 27, 1964

Dr. Bahlman, City Dentist, Is Dead at 64

Henry W. Bahlman (right)

Funeral services for Dr. Henry W. Bahlman, 64 of 9 East 16th Street, Chicago Heights, and Boca Raton, Florida will be held Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Hirsch’s West End Funeral Establishment. The Rev. John R. Wyngarden, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Chicago Heights, will conduct the ceremony.

Entombment will be in the Beecher Mausoleum. The service will be private. Memorial contributions may be made to the building fund at First Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Bahlman died Monday at St. James Hospital. A 1926 graduate of Chicago (Loyola) Dental School, he practiced dentistry in Chicago Heights from 1927 to his retirement in 1963. He was born December 1, 1899, in Eagle Lake, IL and lived in the area his entire life.

Dr. Bahlman is survived by his wife, Marguerite; a daughter, Mrs. Audrey Amram of Crete, a sister, Mrs. Ferne Hildeman of Chicago Heights, and five grandchildren.

(Editor’s note: The newspaper obit has a few errors: Henry graduated Loyola (Chicago) Dental School in 1926, not 1936, and he practiced dentistry in Chicago Heights from 1927, not 1937. He was also 64 years old, not 63 years old, when he died)

Henry’s family members also resting in the mausoleum are:
Father: Henry F. Bahlman
Mother: Emma Wehmhoefer Bahlman
Sister & Brother-in-law: Lillian Bahlman Wegert & Henry H. Wegert
Sister & Brother-in-law: Lora Bahlman Hinze & Arthur A. Hinze
Sister: Carolyn M. Bahlman
Brother: Donald W. Bahlman
Sister & Brother-in-law: Ferne Bahlman Hildeman & William R. Hildeman
Uncle & Aunt: John H. Bahlmann & Anna L. Wehrmann Bahlmann
Uncle: William F. Bahlmann
Uncle & Aunt: Charles H. Bahlman & Minnie M. Schweer Bahlman
Aunt: Lena Bahlman
Cousin: Dorothy Bahlman Saller & Herbert C. Saller
Cousin 1x removed: Charlene M. Saller Graham & Arthur Graham
Cousin 1x removed: Baby Son Saller
Cousin 2x removed: Nancy Graham Fenske

(Note: Some family members maintained the original spelling of Bahlmann while others omitted the last “n”)

(Editors note: According to the 1923 edition of “The Bloom” Henry was listed as “Henry W. Bahlmann,”  with two “n’s”, a 1920 graduate of Bloom Township High School and a student of Chicago Dental College in 1923)