Beecher Mausoleum Built 1913-1914: Statistics

Built by: Henry F. Thielman, President: Beecher Mausoleum Construction Company. Arthur Struve, Secretary

Registered: State of Illinois, 3/21/1914 as: Beecher Cemetery and Mausoleumn Assoc. under 5/14/1903 Cemetery Care Act.

Association Member: Arthur Struve, Henry B. Ruge, Louis Fick, George Beseke, Henry F. Thielman and Frank Hunte.

As Built: 210 crypts total, 170 isle crypts, 4 family compartments – 10 crypts each

Isle crypts sold for $200-$300, family compartments sold for $1500

Available Crypts: 29 isle crypts, 26 sellable crypts

3 crypt previously purchased, may donate back to the restoration assoc.

17 family compartment crypts unoccupied


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